Why Kayal cooling Solutions?

Kayal cooling solutions provides end to end solutions for all your cooling tower requirement at your plant. Main usp of the company is their Erection supervision services offered as KCS has highly expreinced professional of over 25 years of experience in these field of cooling tower industry.It also provide annual maintenance services for your cooling tower to increase its efficiency.

Is every product have maintained standerd industry level?

Yes, all our product is of rich quality & quality assurance check has been performed for every product by our QAC team.

What is the benefit to chose F.R.P cooling tower?

FRP Cooling Tower have a number of significant advantages over timber in many structural applications. Pultruded fiberglass will be corroison resistance and is not susceptible to insect attack.
Unlike wood, fiberglass requires no environmentally unfriendly preservatives or repellants, does not absorb any significant amount of water and is consistent in strength and appearance piece-to-piece (no culling). Pultruded fiberglass is stronger, more rigid and lighter weight than structural timber.

What is the benefit if I chose timber tower?

cost of installation is lowas compared to other cooling tower.

Explained the “airflow distribution system”?

what is cross flow?

what is counter flow?

What is the benefit for natural draft ?

  • power saving (no power consumption to induce air flow- no fan)
  • environmentally friendly
  • no mechanical noise (no fan)
  • safety of operation
  • no recirculation as the plume is rejected at high level
  • limited plot area
  • limited maintenance
  • high longevity (generally more than plant life expectancy)
  • Payback period between 8 and 16 years depending on several factors.