Cooling Solutions to increase Efficiency:

For over 30 years exclusively engaged in servicing and modernization  of Cooling Tower Industries Since 1985, we are Engaged in offering dedicated and hi-quality services to the Cooling Tower Industry. Adequately backed by highly experienced scientific and Technical personnel we have in the process helped our clients to:

We And Our Business:

Achieve high working efficiency through substantial. Saving of power and water consumption.

Save degeneration and enhance life of their Cooling. Towers. During this long period of existence, we have attained significant expertise and experience in all fields of Cooling Tower repairs,maintenance,up gradation and Servicing. We have highly professional experienced supervisor for CT erection supervision work.

Services offered by KCS:

The following types of services are offered by us:

  • We Supply & Install Wooden, F.R.P., R.C.C. , Natural draft Cooling Towers.
  • Modification and erection of Cooling Tower.
  • Repair and Servicing.
  • Modernisation /upgradation of Cooling Tower operation with marked savings in power and water consumption.
  • We Undertake A.M.C. ( Annual Maintenance Contract.
  • Develop and Innovate new and modified spares through Our wall equipped R & D Cell as per special needs of our clients,to optimize efficiency in Cooling Tower

Focus On R & D

Our strength is our R & D Cell which is relentlessly engaged in developing new and more improved spares to upgrade operations of the Cooling Tower Industry through optimizing energy-savings, increasing efficiency and reducing water consumption.

Misssion Statement:

Our mission statement is to provide high quality services to our customers.